Arte Living


Arte Living’s business is built based on the following philosophy:

1. Peace of Mind in Home Furnishings
Over the years, clients and friends related their painful experience in getting their homes furnished or re-furnished. Arte Living aims to give a piece of mind to their customers in the entire process of home furnishing. The project is fully managed by Gary and Carine and this includes initial stage of designing, sourcing of furnishing materials, monitoring renovation work development, ensuring project is completed within deadline and checking the finishing of completed works.

2. Partnership in Design Creations
Arte Living respects that the lifestyle of each individual varies. It believes in creating a home interior that is unique and suits the living style of each home owner. Customers are encouraged to share their ideas and partner with the designer in producing an interior design plan that works towards building an ideal home which is desired for stay.

3. Every home is a Designer’s Home
Arte Living believes that neither a well-designed home pays dearly nor a simple designed dwelling comes cheap. Home interior design should be made affordable to every home owner and be kept within their household budget. It is this belief that enables Arte Living to produce unique home designs that do not cause a financial constraint to their customers.